Staples To Every Woman’s Wardrobe


Make sure you have these items in your closet and you will be able to mix and match tons of outfits!! You’ll never go wrong!!

1. Crisp white button down shirt. This is a very versatile top!! I have been known to wear a white button down to work during the day and change my pants to a pair of jeans and shoes to a pair of pumps or boots to join friends for dinner during the evening. With all the accessories out there, the sky’s the limit with this look.

2. Black tank top, a white tank top, a black tee shirt, and a white tee shirt. I find that the best tanks can be found at Old Navy. The tanks are durable and slow to fade when washing. You can usually get a 2-for deal. During the summer 2009 the 2-for tank top deal at Old Navy is 2 tanks for $15. Not bad at all!!

3. The little black dress. This is not just any dress. It can be dressed up with some pumps and eye-popping accessories or dressed down with a pair of flat sandals. Also try pairing your dress with different accessories for tons of different looks.

4. A nice leather jacket. I prefer a black leather jacket because it’s a lot easier to match up with other items in your closet and it is easier to transition from day to night.

5. A pair of great fitting jeans. Make sure that your jeans are long enough to be worn with heels. The cut and wash of the jeans is your choice, but make sure that you choose wisely for your body type.

6. A pair cute, yet comfortable black pumps. Make sure that the pumps are versatile, as the purpose of these pumps is to be able to wear them for all occasions. Nine West has comfortable, fashionable pumps at a great price…and you might even be able to get them on sale!

7. A swim-suit that you look great in. There are swim-suits out there now-a-days for ALL body types. I usually purchase my swim-suits and cover-ups from T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, or where they are reasonably priced and super cute. Don’t forget to get a matching cover-up if you’re a little self-conscious!!

8. A classic handbag that goes with everything. Right now, I’m really loving the satchels and hobos. They are really stylish and transition very well from day to night.

9. A black suit with black slacks as the bottoms. If a complete black suit is unattainable at the moment, a nice pair of plain, black slacks will do.

10. Silver jewelry and gold jewelry. Keep in mind that accessories can completely change the look of an outfit, so it is necessary to have at least two sets of colors.

Here are two things that I didn’t include in the list that would make your life a lot easier, but you don’t necessarily need.

I. Jogging suit. I’m not talking about the shapeless jogging suit from the 80’s; although those are quite comfortable, they lack style. I’m talking about fitted yoga suits, which are just as comfortable as those previously mentioned ugly, shapeless jogging suits, and stylish to boot. These suits look great on just about every woman…no matter what her shape or size is.

II. Cute tennis shoes. Try getting your tennis shoes in a simple color, such as black or white. That way you’ll be able to wear these with your jeans and tee-shirts.

The basics in your closet should be black and white for easy mix-and-matching. You can always go back and add color to your wardrobe as time goes on (which is strongly suggested).

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